This is post partum

What if, amidst the congratulations cards and presents everyone keeps sending, you're actually constantly overwhelmed and anxious? What if you're beating
yourself up for not being as happy as you think new mothers should be?
It's OK. Motherhood is like the hardest exam in the world, and you haven't even been allowed to prepare for it. 

THIS IS POSTPARTUM: Free Yourself from the
Perfect Mother Conspiracy is a friendly, fuss free and compassionate guide for the moments when you’re tearing your hair out and wondering if you're all alone. You're not.

I’m a mom of two, lifecoach and therapist 
specialising in supporting women around the world
through their motherhood journey. I suffered from PPD myself after the birth of my first daughter Livia. I write from a personal perspective, with heart and compassion. My advice is timelier than ever, including:
- How to manage your PPD (and where you can seek help)
- Why you should embrace your uncertainty and fear, not try to mask it
- How to talk to friends/family about your PPD (you might feel your problems don't rate—they do)
- How to manage anxiety
- How new parents can manage having a newborn when you’re is suffering from PPD
- How to keep your relationship sane after giving birth
- Advice for single moms handling PPD alone
- How meditation and mindfulness can help you manage your PPD
- Much more
THIS IS POSTPARTUM is part-story and part-toolkit. It is a light for mothers finding
themselves in a darker place than they may have expected. There is no right way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one.

About me: Netherlands-based Tilda Timmers is a therapist specializing in postpartum depression. I work with parents who are not on cloud nine after giving birth, who might be feeling overwhelmed, ashamed, depressed, and anything in between. Find me online: @thisispostpartum

Book for Moms who are not on cloud nine after giving birth


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 Emily Gangell

“This is Postpartum is a must read for all expecting women, particularly those who are susceptible to depression and/or anxiety. Tilda encapsulates the devastation of PPD/PPA with stories of her own journey through ‘the dark forest’.  

With helpful symptom checklists and invaluable advice for during the ‘fourth’ trimester, Tilda’s book offers a compassionate perspective in getting through the worst times,

Highly recommend.”

S. Meyers

”Tilda’s book has helped me tremendously after the birth of my daughter. The advice she is giving is insightful and helped me a lot. I would recommend this book to all new moms or pregnant women.”

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