Help! I’m a mom!

If you just became a mother, a lot will come your way. First of all, you now suddenly have this little creature in your arms, which you have felt tramping, moving and growing in your belly for nine months. For some mothers this feels very unreal, right after child birth. In addition, you are tired of the birth and you have often not slept for two nights. Add to the above, raging hormones and all the new responsibilities you feel as a new mom and you’re in for a treat. It takes a lot of getting used to for many new mothers.. You all of sudden have the enormous responsibility for the care of your baby. Something, that gives many mothers a restless feeling and a lot of anxiety. Some mothers ask themselves daily: what if something happens to my child because of something I did? New mums also don’t always like motherhood in the beginning and sometimes that can last for months post partum. Because, they miss their old life, because they lost a part of who they used to be and have to reinvent themselves completely. Maybe you were a party girl and were used to be the last person to go home at parties. Now, all of a sudden you spend a lot of time at home with your baby. And no matter how much you love your child, you sometimes long to go back to the time when you went to parties and festivals and saw the sun rise together with your partner. The thing is, most mothers don’t speak about this in public, because they don’t want to seem ungrateful or even worse: like a bad mother. Continue reading