Welcome at Frou Frou Begeleiding

When you’re a new mom, you don’t always feel comfortable in your new role. Becoming a mother is a big physical and emotional adjustment in your life and not every mother feels on top off the world during her pregnancy or after giving birth. Not all moms are feeling positive or confident when they become a mother. I suffered from postpartum depression, when I gave birth to my firstborn. Nobody told me this could happen and I wasn’t prepared for it. But I have since realized, that P.P.D. happens to a lot of women and I was one of them

I couldn’t find anyone who went through the same feelings and I felt very isolated. I felt like nobody understood what I was going through, until I started sharing my thoughts and feelings with my therapist and my inner circle. I then discovered, that one out of three women, do not feel well after they give birth. Because I found my therapist to be so helpful in my own treatment of P.P.D., I decided to retrain myself and become a therapist specialized in postpartum depression. There is still a big taboo on this subject and I want to help reduce the stigma many women feel, if they are not as happy or joyous as they think they should be. No mother should ever feel guilty or be ashamed about the fact that they need help. That their feelings of depression are more serious than just not enjoying the responsibilities of new motherhood, all the time.

If you can answer yes to the questions below, you may need help with P.P.D. – Are you feeling anxious or insecure? Do you sleep poorly or are you experiencing a lot of negative thoughts and emotions about motherhood itself and your child(ren)? Do you worry at night, because you are afraid that you are a bad mom? These symptoms can also occur anywhere between six weeks till two years post partum. Because I went through P.P.D. myself, I know exactly how you feel and how to help you. No one should experience these feelings and be on their own to cope with them. I am here to help you. To help you to regain your strength and develop confidence in your role as a new mom. I will help you to get more acceptance, more self esteem, and help you to find ways to relax. I work a lot with mindfulness and this will help you tremendously.

I am now being refunded by the health insurance companies in the Netherlands. If you have additional insurance, you will get a refund from your health insurance!

Private sessions

When you are feeling insecure as a mom, it can be very lonely. You don’t know why you are feeling this way or how to stop the tornado of negative thoughts, that are going through your mind all day and night. It can be exhausting, to try to handle your feelings on your own. In private sessions, I will help you to let go of the negativity and gain more confidence in your new role as a mom. . I’m used to having babies attending my sessions, but if leaving your baby is not an option for you, I can come to your home.. Costs are €75,- per meeting.

Group meeting

I organize group meetings with a couple of mothers, with others who are feeling the same as you do. You can share your feelings in a safe and non-judgmental environment. You can tell your story and learn from each other. You will feel comfort and acceptance, once you can see you are not the only mom who is going through all of this. My experience is, that all moms benefit from the emotional support offered by others and feel a lot better knowing their feelings are shared by others. Group meetings start at a four people minimum. Costs are €30,- per meeting.

Mommy Meditation

In this busy and hectic life, we need anchors to stay grounded. It can be very hard to switch off the whirlwind of thoughts we all have. I will give you starting points according to mindfulness, so you can accept your feelings and thoughts, instead of fighting them. All moms worry, that is normal. But when worry affects your daily life and sense of well being, meditation can help. You will be more relaxed, sleep and feel better on a whole new level. The meditation meetings are organized in group form, but can also be done privately. Group meetings start at a four people minimum. The costs for a private session are €75 per session and if it is a group meeting: €30 per meeting.

Online coaching

If you are too busy to schedule a regular session, I am also available for online coaching. You can choose between Skype sessions or e-mail sessions. So you can schedule a meeting right from home, without having to look for a babysitter. You can talk to me through Skype or e-mail at a time that is most convenient for you. Sometimes it is easier to put your thoughts in writing, so you can reread it again and think your thoughts through. Costs are €75 per Skype session or e-mail correspondence. A combination of both is also possible.

Do you want to know more about all of the above? Send me an e-mail: info@froufroubegeleiding.nl or call me at: 06-40826534